Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AccessRI proposals for a more livable and accessible community

Here's our short and long term proposals for Roosevelt Island. These proposals have been vetted by our Advisory Committee and two community review sessions. Our final report will go into more detail for each proposal.

-Board Development
-Service Request Tracking System
-Master Leaseholder for Main Street Retail
-Streetscape Improvements & Design Guidelines
-Non-Profit Incubator
-Bike Share Program
-Infrastructure Conditions Report
-Traffic Calming
-Bike Volunteer Repair Program & Abandoned Bike Removal
-Activate Public Spaces
-Wayfinding System

-On-Island Urgent Care Facilities
-Promenade Improvements
-Cantilevered Bikeway Addition
-Pedestrian Connections
-Support Serrano Senate Bill S01394 and Kellner Assembly Bill A3953

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